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Baked Butterflied Jumbo Shrimp

Written By: Chris - Dec• 03•12

We enjoy eating shrimp pretty often around our house.  After dining out recently I was inspired to try preparing the shrimp a bit different at home after a look and taste of Bill’s meal.  He had ordered Garlic Shrimp “Oreganata”, which included oven roasted shrimp in a breadcrumb crust.  It was served with Capellini pasta that was tossed in a fresh tomato-basil sauce.  I ordered a chicken cannelloni pasta dish that was filled with roasted chicken, fresh ricotta cheese and spinach, finished with Alfredo and a touch of marinara sauce!  I will attempt to make this for a future blog too! 

I had taken a couple of snap shots with my iPhone of Bill’s dinner and re-created what I thought was in the shrimp piece of the dish.  We invited Dave & Heather over and ate in for Bill’s birthday.  At his request we enjoyed steak and this shrimp along with some other sides and some terrific wine.  My innovative re-creation turned out great ps4 update!


16 Jumbo Shrimp, 4 per person
1/3 Cup Melted Butter
1 Garlic Clove, smashed
Salt & Pepper
1 Cup Panko Crumbs
Fresh Parsley or Oregano, chopped

The next two images are the actual shrimps from Bill’s dinner out.  I wanted to see the method of butterflying the shrimp, plus it would remind me later of what I wanted to re-create tampermonkey herunterladen.

I buy the jumbo Shrimp at Costco and to my advantage, they are almost always de-veined and come with the head removed.  Most of the time the shell is still in tact.  I like the look and prefer to leave the last “knuckle” of shell on at the tail while removing all of the rest and discarding it herunterladen.  (The chef left it on the tail end of the shrimp as well)  If you have to de-vein them yourself, hold the shrimp between your thumb and forefinger, set the paring knife right at the tip of the head end and then drag it down lightly and carefully along the back side of the shrimp, from the head to the tail.  As it opens up, you’ll see a black vein appear, which is the digestive track – remove it and rinse the shrimps well with cold water Download movies from netflix pc.

Butterflying along the back is the easiest way, since it simply further opens up the back where the cut was made to remove the vein.  While holding the tail end, follow the same cut deep into the shrimp, but not all the way through so that it opens up wide.  The shrimp is split from the head all the way to the tail griefergames.neten.

Dip the shrimp into the melted butter and garlic.  Shake off the access drippings and immediately dip it into the bread crumbs with herbs.  Shake the crumbs to cover the shrimp entirely and drop the access back into the bowl Download eye of the tiger for free.

Place the shrimp sitting with the tails up onto a baking stone or oven proof baking sheet.  Season with salt & pepper and bake at 350 until cooked through.  (check after 10 minutes and watch closely not to over cook as they will turn tough and rubbery).  You can tell when Shrimp is cooked because the blue or grey transparent looking coloring to it turns to a solid white, pinkish red german beamng drive for free.



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