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Reuben Soup

My friend Jennifer had brought over delicious, creamy Ruben soup a couple of times for girls nights gatherings.  I love corned beef and really enjoyed her soup herunterladen.  She had given me the link to the recipe she had found on the internet and I just waited until I was ready to cook off the […]

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Baked Chicken

I like to ask the kids input on what’s on the menu when they are coming over for dinner.  It was a cold winter Sunday and had some ideas, but decided to make baked chicken at Brianna’s request Download icloud images on iphone.  Other than a bit of time to brine the bird, this recipe […]

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Brined Turkey, 2013

We enjoyed a moist and delicious turkey for Thanksgiving.  We ended up with plenty of extra for the freezer, so we’ll be happy over the next few months when we want something easy to grab google earth kostenlosen deutsch!  I prefer to brine our bird because the process of brining increases the moisture holding capacity […]

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Brined Roasted Turkey

Brining is the secret to juicy turkey!  (and a lot of other meats)  It’s very economical and an easy way to prepare meats.  Brining is like a marinade, as it keeps food moist and tender.  The process increases the moisture holding capacity of meat resulting in a much more moist product once it is cooked.  […]

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Brined Pork Chops

I was having all the kids over recently for Sunday dinner and was looking for something “different” from the items I had on hand in the freezer.  I had recently picked up some nice bone-in pork chops at Costco, so I sent off a text to Nick, learning that chops are one of his favorites!  […]

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