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Amaretti Cookies

I love macaroon cookies.  This recipe is the classic Italian almond macaroon.  They are typically small, domed-shaped cookies that are crispy on the outside and chewy inside, and originated in Venice Italy during the Renaissance period chess game download for free. Amaretti cookies are made from either ground almonds or almond paste, along with sugar and egg whites […]

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Bacon Wrapped Club Crackers

I have to give Ree Drummond (the Pioneer Woman from the Food Network) credit for this recipe, although I know she didn’t create it.  I’ve also seen Paula Deen prepare them too children’s song.  Back before the holidays, I watched an episode of Ree’s show when she said “Back in the early eighties, these little treats were […]

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Spritz Cookies

We typically only make Spritz Cookies at Christmas time, but they are so flavorful and delicious that they really could be made any time of the year when you are wanting a soft, sweet little delicate cookie treat Forge of empires for free!  Spritz cookies are traditional Christmas cookies in Scandinavian countries and are simple […]

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Sugar Roll Out Cookies

Michelle and Jacob came over one evening last week to bake cookies!  Her favorite are the roll out sugar type and mine are the spritz, so we made both!  Sometimes roll out’s can be challenging to work with, but these turned out just wonderful, but be sure to chill the dough!  They are not too […]

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