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Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Bill and I both love pizza, but we just don’t eat it as often as we would like!  We do enjoy the chicken Alfredo type from the local take out, but it’s usually soggy with way too much sauce and cheese.  I usually end up with a belly ache and it’s not worth it because you can’t even […]

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Fresh Fig & Prosciutto Pizza with Goat Cheese & Thyme

It’s rare that I find fresh Figs in our grocery stores in Minnesota. They have two seasons. A quick, shorter season in early summer and a second, main crop that starts in late summer and runs through fall Download tiptoi junior globus. Figs cannot withstand temperatures much below 20°F, and so are not available from […]

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My daughter Michelle was over for dinner recently and she was craving homemade Calzones.  For a relatively easy meal in very little time, you can cook up really flavorful pizza pockets at home.  I think you spend more time chopping all of the ingredients than the actual assembly!  Start with this basic recipe and then […]

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Buffalo Chicken Flat Out Pizza’s

I spotted a new “Flat Out” product in the store that I thought looked good.  They were called Thin Crust Artisan Pizza, which I thought was interesting because I’ve been making “Flat Out” pizza’s for years.  When my daughter Michelle and her boyfriend Jacob were coming over recently for dinner I was wondering how to […]

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Fresh Veggie Pizza

The gals were scheduled to come over the other night for the finally of our “Smut night” show; the Bachelor Pad.  It was a pretty good ending to a demented show that I still can’t believe that I enjoy watching!  None the less, I needed to come up with a healthy but delicious snack for […]

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