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Written By: Chris

Chris is Bill’s wife. 

The two of us were high school sweethearts and are living happily ever after!
She’s a mom and a friend who loves to cook tasty food avast cleanup kostenlos!

I’ve always enjoyed hosting, cooking and being in the kitchen.  I am passionate about food!  Years ago I was a cake decorator by trade and though I miss the hobby and creativity of decorating, I do not miss the early hours and working weekends while missing out on much of the Holidays!  My only “formal” training was while I was a senior in high school attending the local vocational college 1/2 days in a course called “commercial cooking and baking”.  I absolutely loved it and credit a lot of what I know today to the instructor who made the kitchen fun!  Since, my experience has been trial and error and from the guidance of others including watching a lot of the Food Network channel as Bill will contest – I never get tired of e mails outlook!

I’m the youngest sibling of six and I recall growing up with plenty of food at our house.  Our mom always prepared dinner for the family between her work and we all sat down to eat dinner together every night!  When we weren’t eating at home, our folks treated us out to nice restaurants and encouraged us to try all kinds of food.  We always had a garden growing up ate a variety of fresh food.  We participated in weeding chores, canning fresh vegetables and always had home-grown chickens, eggs and more.  We ate farm fresh beef and pork and were taught to appreciate a large variety of cuisines download mundschutz cut pattern for free.

I helped in the kitchen even at a young age  preparing salads, as well as other various tasks that mom would assign.  It was fun!  I remember my favorite times were making huge batches of cookies and I always liked that our mom would let us explore and be creative in the kitchen.  Over the years, I waited tables and really found a true appreciation for quality food and service minecraft snapshot.

Bill and I were married in 1986 and have raised three terrific children; Nicholas, Michelle and Andrew.  We are truly enjoying one another again without too many interruptions and thoroughly enjoy spending time with our growing family.  While we both work, we are blessed with flexibility.  Bill’s day job brings us to northern California often where we are fortunate to have an abundance of amazing friends.  We have spent the last several years traveling and enjoying terrific food and wine in the Valley download loot boy.

Bill writes a blog and I participate by including restaurant reviews.  Though I love preparing delicious dishes at home, we also enjoy dining out and introducing ourselves to all variety of cuisines.  I believe in reading reviews about restaurants and hope others benefit from us sharing some of our experiences download rainbow six.

My style of cooking is pretty simple.  My dishes are usually created by what’s on hand in the fridges and/or in the pantry.  I try to to make delicious, healthy food and transform left overs into something satisfying.  I believe in using “real” ingredients such butter because I believe in all things in moderation download openstreetmap maps.

Bill and I enjoy getting together with friends and our socializing is typically surrounded with laughter, wine, great food and fun while we create memories.  Most of my dishes are usually inspired by something we’ve eaten while dining out… or something I’ve observed on the food network channel tomtom mydrive connect.

I look forward to many years of sharing my kitchen and bumping elbows with who ever wants to participate!

Chris Schaefer Thompson



  1. Bill says:

    I love you and your cooking!

  2. Deb Thatcher says:

    You are fantastic. You are very creative in the kitchen. When are we going to get to taste your wonderful dishes???

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