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Coconut Mango Rice

Written By: Chris - Jun• 19•12

I was recently looking to try something different along side of our Ahi Tuna that we love to eat!  I really was craving something in a rice dish that I had out not too long ago at a great dinner place we enjoy in Osseo.  We have enjoyed “sticky rice” and “Coconut rice” dishes while eating out in the past, so I was inspired to try a version of my own working with ingredients that I had on hand.  The only thing I had to pick up was the Mango because I thought it would add freshness and a bright flavor to our dinner schnittmuster mundschutz herunterladen!


1 Cup of white rice (cook 1 cup of coconut milk with rice & 1/2 Cup water in steamer)
This is the Cooked – flavor infused Rice
1 Medium Onion
1 teaspoon extra virgin Olive Oil
1 teaspoon Sesame Oil
2 Garlic cloves
1 Can Coconut Milk, divided
1 Mango
3 Tablespoons Brown Sugar
Fresh Ground black pepper
1/2 C Angle Flake Coconut (sweetened)

Prepare your rice in the steamer using coconut milk in place of some of the water for a richer flavored rice.  Cooking time is about 40-45 minutes.  You can do this an advance if you wish free whatsapp download iphone.

Start by sauteing the chopped onions in the oils until soft and browned (Typically takes about 30 minutes or so over medium heat).  Add smashed garlic to the onions and season with salt and pepper.  Cook for roughly another minute or so before adding the remainder of the coconut milk and chopped Mango to the onions video aus interneten.

Allow the mixture to simmer over low heat for 7 to 8 minutes, stirring often to help thicken and render down the liquid.  Add brown sugar and the flake coconut to the mixture and continue to stir gently while the sauce thickens.  Gently stir in all of the rice from the steamer dj software kostenlos download vollversion deutsch.

This is not “sticky” rice, rather a sweet and savory side rice dish that pairs well with the salty flavors of the marinated Yellowfin Tuna sendungen von tvnow downloaden.

We enjoyed this with an additional side of soy sweet peas with onions and also a beautiful bottle of Smith Wooton 2006 Syrah oude pc games!

Enjoy herunterladen!




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