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Fried Wonton’s

Written By: Chris - Dec• 04•14

I’ve been sharing ideas on how transform ingredients and use up left overs.  I’m telling you, wonton wrappers are one of the most versatile and inexpensive little items to keep in your kitchen steam handbuch herunterladen!  Look for wonton wrappers in the refrigerated section of most supermarket produce aisles.  (Usually by the fresh herbs, sprouts, etc.)  Keep them in the refrigerator in an air tight container (or even the freezer until you want to use them) leseprobe kostenlos herunterladen.  They are very easy to work with.  You can pan fry them but they even bake up crisp if you want to be healthier as each is only about 20 calories download instagram profile photo.

Look around your fridge and pantry and use what you have on hand!  They’re the perfect vehicle for oven-frying dumplings, ravioli and pierogi fortnite herunterladen fortnite herunterladen.  Stuff them with a bit of cream cheese and make jalapeno popper flavors, buffalo chicken bites, or just about anything.   These paper-thin sheets of dough are perfect for making pot stickers or Chinese dumplings as well music for usb stick. Made fresh from flour, eggs and salt, the wrappers can be filled with just about any mixture of meat, seafood or vegetables.

Once prepared, Won Tons may be boiled, deep-fried, or steamed and served as an appetizer, snack or side dish with a variety of sauces herunterladen.  I usually find the “Melissa’s”  brand of Won Ton Wrappers.  I pan fried this batch, but have successfully baked some as well.  Note that if you’re baking them, be sure to give them a good shot of cooking spray before sliding them into the oven and they will turn out golden brown and perfectly crisp ankiweb stack.  These were created by using left over Thanksgiving ingredients!



Melissa’s Won Ton Wrappers
Cream Cheese
Ground Beef, cooked
Onion, cooked
Turkey, cooked
Jalapeno Pepper, thin sliced
Bacon, cooked
Spinach Dip…
Cranberries (for dipping sauce)
The sky’s the limit windows store downloaden!


These little gems are going to be your new best friend eclipse java herunterladen!


I like to make them into different shapes and sizes, so we started with a “jalapeno” type of “popper” flavored variety using up some left over filling from peppers made a couple nights before wdr mediathek videos downloaden.  lay out 12 to 20 wonton squares.  Squeeze about 1/2 to one tablespoon of the mixed cream cheese filling onto the center of each square.  Top with thinly sliced fresh jalapeno and a tad of cooked crumbled bacon.  Moisten two of the edges in a “L” shaped pattern and fold wonton skin in half, gently pressing the filling to even it out while sealing the edges to form a triangle.


Set aside and lay out additional wonton skins.  Only fill and form about 20 at a time, so they don’t dry out.

IMG_3688 IMG_3682

Two other varieties I made this night were cooked turkey and cold spinach dip; as well as some cream cheese and ground beef varieties.  (within the meat mixture was some puree’d stuffed mushrooms because Bill and Jacob don’t like the texture and didn’t know the difference!)

IMG_3685 IMG_3687

To make little “egg roll” shapes, place about a tablespoon or so of filling into the center of the wonton skin.  Begin to roll the skin upward and when you get to the half way mark, moisten the top two edges, leaving the two side corners free of filling.

IMG_3686 IMG_3684

Tuck the moist side corners in and continue to roll.  Place the filled wonton skins, seam down on a plate until you’re ready to cook them.

IMG_3691 IMG_3695

I pan fried each over medium high heat in Grape seed Oil, just until golden brown on both sides.  Use paper towels between layers to absorb access oil.  You can use Canola or other oil, but I prefer the grape seed because of the high heat and smoke point.

Allow to cool slightly and dip!  The sky’s’ the limit!  Everyone loved them and they are equally delicious re-heated in the toaster oven the next day or three!


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