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Ranch Vegetable Dip

Written By: Chris - Jul• 01•13

I almost always have a fresh veggie tray out at social events.  I may think subconsciously that if I eat fresh vegetables, it helps me justify the other snacks that we typically have o choose from!  This is another simple, but delicious recipe I’ve had a few requests for lately.  Years ago, one of my sister in-laws had introduced us to a cold veggie tip that included cottage cheese, so I can’t take the credit for coming up with the idea, but I have changed mine up a bit.  I like the fact that it is very flavorful and the low-fat cottage cheese helps reduce the calorie intake and because it is filling, when added to this dip – it actually helps you eat less of the higher fat mayonnaise while remaining quite satisfying videos aus mediatheken ipad.

Cottage cheese is loaded with protein, much of it in the form of casein, which is a slow digesting form and although not as high as meat and poultry, it’s one of the best non-meat sources of protein around and helps reduce hunger for longer periods of time.  You could certainly use low-fat, or fat-free mayonnaise in this recipe, but I prefer the real thing and just less of it download all photos van facebook!



1 Cup Mayonnaise (Hellmann’s)
1 Cup 1% Low Fat Cottage Cheese
1/2 Cup Low Fat Sour Cream
1/2 teaspoon Garlic Salt (don’t over do it)
1 Packet Hidden Valley Ranch Mix
1/4 Cup Chopped Fresh Flat Leaf Parsley
1/4 Cup Dry Dill

Simply cream all ingredients together and serve chilled download printer drivers for free.




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