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Bon Appetite!

Ranch Vegetable Dip

I almost always have a fresh veggie tray out at social events.  I may think subconsciously that if I eat fresh vegetables, it helps me justify the other snacks that we typically have o choose from!  This is another simple, but delicious recipe I’ve had a few requests for lately.  Years ago, one of my […]

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Ranch Salad Dressing

I was having the kids and Bill’s folks over for dinner the other night and though I usually make my dressing with Buttermilk, this day I was out of it and decided to create this simple and delicious dressing with just a few extra ingredients that I had on hand.  Both my daughter Michelle & […]

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White Wine Ranch Mushrooms

I love mushrooms! Bill, not so much.  So this is something I like to prepare when others are around and then I can share.  When you understand that a mushroom “is the fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus” they really don’t sound so appealing, but they are really tasty and quite delicious!  People who […]

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