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Thai Broccoli Salad

Written By: Chris - Jun• 12•12

My friend Eileen has brought over a Broccoli salad a couple of times which includes a firm Tofu – that I just love!  Recently, I was hungry for it and happen to have a lot of Broccoli on hand, so I thought I would give my version of the salad a try.   Since I do not typically buy or eat Tofu and did not wish to go out to get some, I decided to omit it from my recipe.  I do however really like it in her version that she picks up from Byerly’s or Lunds grocery store herunterladen.

I’m very pleased with how this dish turned out, but might increase the volume of dressing the next time.


6 Cups of Broccoli florets
2 Carrots
1/2 Cup Red Pepper
1/2 Red Onion

Dressing Ingredients:
1 Tablespoon lime juice
1 Tablespoon Soy sauce
2 Tablespoons Dark Sesame Oil
1 Tablespoon Hot Water
1 Tablespoon Sweet Red Chili Paste
1 teaspoon Red Pepper Flakes
2 Tablespoons Splenda
1/3 Cup chunky Peanut Butter
1 Garlic clove, smashed

Start by blanching the chopped broccoli in boiling water for about 2 minutes until tender, but still crisp.   Reserve the hot water by scooping out vegetables with a slotted spoon and place into a colander under gently running cold water to stop the cooking process dateien von wetransfer herunterladen.

Julianne the red onion, red pepper and carrots, but do not cook the carrots Download iphone ringtones for free!

Julianne style cutting (is also called a “matchstick”) type of cut that makes a long thin strip.
-A chef’s knife is good to use (or a santoku knife) and avoid serrated knives, which “saw” through food navigation app herunterladen.
-Peel the skin from the vegetable if necessary.
-Trim away any root or stem parts of the vegetable.
-If the vegetable is round like a potato or carrot, cut it in half and lay it cut side down on the board tomtom stem download. This will keep it from rolling.
-Cut the edible part of the vegetable into slices about 1 inch long and cut these slices into even very thin strips sellercentral rechnungen herunterladen.

Blanch the onions and then the peppers for one minute each.  Blanching the red onion helps take the sharp onion flavor out, while leaving a nice sweet mild onion hint to the dish Download lazarus for free.

Wisc all of the ingredients together for the dressing download codesys.

Once you have drained and shaken all of the water from the blanched vegetables, toss them with the dressing scraping the sides of the bowl with a rubber scraper.  Mix until all of the vegetables are evenly coated and refrigerate until cool through out download star trek online!





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