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Turkey Ham – Chow Mein Salad

Written By: Chris - Jul• 18•12

We are continuing to experience a lot of heat and humidity with high temps here in Minnesota!  The other night I was trying to decide on a meal that required minimal or no cooking, which is a perfect way to enjoy an evening while beating the heat!  We love salads and summer is just the time I tend to pull dishes out of the memory bank that I haven’t prepared in some time!  This dish came from an extended family member some years ago.  By modifying it using turkey ham and light mayonnaise – rather than the real thing, it spares the waste lines a bit!  I mentioned this one to Bill and he was all for it!  I searched for the original recipe to no avail.  This is my version off memory.  It is a very simple and easy salad to prepare.  Add the zest of the lemon for a brightness and you’ll be surprised how rich and creamy this dish is santa claus game for free!


3 Cups Celery
3 Cups Turkey Ham
1/4 Onion
2/3 Cups Light Mayonnaise
2 Tablespoons Splenda
2 Eggs, hard boiled
1/2 Lemon & Zest
Salt & Pepper

Chow Mein noodles

Combine minced onion with mayonnaise, Splenda, lemon juice & zest and about a teaspoon of salt and fresh ground pepper to taste.  Don’t over salt, because the turkey ham has some saltiness to it download network driver windows 7!

Chop the celery and turkey ham into small even sized cubes, as well as the hard boiled egg.  Mix in the dressing and chill app op sony bravia!

Do not mix in the chow mein noodles until just before you serve the salad, or simply sprinkle them on top.  Slivered roasted almonds are another option to top this salad and to add a crunch amazon buch herunterladen!

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