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Healthy “Creamed Spinach”

Written By: Chris - Mar• 22•12

Bill and I have been trying to incorporate more “healthy” options into our daily diet.  Adding dark vegetables can be challenging as Bill tends to be “afraid” and a little fussy.  I assure you that his go to choice of veggie did not used to be spinach!  The more I can get him to try things, the more open-minded he has become.  I like to try to change things up and include variety in our daily menu.  After eating out and having had some “not so healthy” creamed Spinach, I thought I would try to impersonate the “creamed” version with what I had on hand herunterladen!

1 Tablespoon Butter
2 Tablespoons Sour Cream
1/3 Cup Ricotta (low-fat)
1/2 medium Onion – chopped
1/2 Zucchini – chopped
1/2 pound of fresh Spinach

Although we are cutting back on calories, I still think all things are ok in moderation.  I still use real butter some of the time, but will also use low-fat ingredients when ever possible.  If it doesn’t taste good, we will not stick to any type of plan and the “fat-free” version doesn’t work well for us most of the time navcore downloaden.

The spinach is a quick side dish, so prepare the other meal items before starting the spinach

Potatoes were seasoned with salt and pepper, as well as with fresh chopped fresh rosemary – sautéed in a small amount of vegetable oil over medium heat on stove top until browned and cooked through.  Pork tenderloin was baked according to package instructions and topped with a prepared Chipotle Raspberry sauce I picked up in the specialty area of CUB – uncovered
for final 15 minutes of baking animal crossing new horizons designs herunterladen.

Start by sauteing the onion in the melted butter over medium heat until translucent.  Once your potatoes and pork tenderloin are cooked and resting, add the zucchini and saute quickly without over cooking I can't instagram.

Once onions and zucchini are cooked, steam spinach using the same saute pan by placing spinach over sautéed vegetables.  Cover saute pan with a large lid and allow spinach to steam and cook over low heat until wilted herunterladen.


Once spinach is wilted, add in the sour cream and ricotta cheese.  Season with salt and pepper herunterladen.


Cut tenderloin and serve immediately spiele kostenlos downloaden vollversion legal.


We enjoyed this with a delicious Turley Zinfandel!  We visited Turley and found this wine a couple of years ago on a family spring break vacation near Paso Robles, CA download zoom file.

It paired perfectly with the sweet and spice of the pork!



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