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Pure Foods Fish Market, Seattle, WA

Although you will usually find our “reviews” on the restaurant section of our blog, ( I felt it was appropriate to review the Pure Foods Fish Market in downtown Seattle in a similar manor due to some recent experiences we’ve had.  I believe there is room for improvement with the way these guys handle their […]

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Ahi Tuna with Edemame

I like to create different ways of preparing fish.  I had some edemame on hand in the freezer (which are immature, green soybeans still in the pod) and thought it would be interesting with our Ahi Tuna that we had brought back from Seattle herunterladen.  I usually eat these little beans at Asian restaurants where they are served […]

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Seared Asian Style Ahi Tuna Salad Appetizer

I don’t seem to get tired of Asian style Tuna and when I can find it fresh, it’s going on the menu!  Ahi Tuna is an excellent source of high quality protein which is low in fat hörbücher kinder herunterladen.  It is dense in nutrients, as it contains minerals like potassium, selenium and magnesium. It is […]

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Grilled Seared Tuna Korean-Style

Where did our summer go?  In Minnesota, it goes quick and we grill as much as possible.  Even when there is snow, you’ll see me firing up the grill out on the back deck call of duty app for free.  This was a recent preparation of Ahi Tuna.  I wanted some variety over the typical […]

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Seared Ahi Tuna with Lime, Cilantro Linguini

When I find good Ahi, I usually scoop it up.  Unfortunately, we’ve had some bad experiences in the past with less than quality fish.  We despise “fishy” tasting fish office design.  I was surprised the other day when Bill said he is hungry for Ahi (yellow fin tuna), but at the same time thrilled because […]

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